Bad habits should be given no room in a relationship if you want it to be successful; sometimes while in a relationship, we might make that little mistake of tending to take some things as normal, and those little mistakes would most definitely sum up to being a huge mistake — which would make your relationship suffer.

Most times, it shouldn’t end by just being in a relationship, we need to be self-observant to note some certain things we are doing wrong because it’s only by this medium can we improve ourselves and our relationships.

Bad habits should be far from our relationships and I’d mention some common bad habits partners are guilty of which can harm a relationship.


Nagging isn’t just a bad habit, it’s a terrible one and can never bring any good to your relationship. Nagging could cause unwanted friction in a relationship; it could lead to anger, hatred, enmity and all sorts of negative things. We make that mistake of attributing nagging to women only, but men also nag.


A blameless partner sees faults only in his/her partner while playing the role of self-righteous. This mistake is common in many relationships today; partners blame each other and find faults in each other and exonerate only themselves. This is a very common habit that should be checked; we all see ourselves as the innocent and blameless one and in our perception the one to blame should be our partner.


This is one habit that can ruin a relationship; if you can’t forgive your partner then I wonder who else you can forgive. No one is above mistakes but forgiveness is something that would keep the relationship going. Every partner should have a forgiving heart, but it’s sad as the other way round is the case; instead of a forgiving heart, couples hold grudges for long against each other.


The previous tip highlighted being unforgiving as a habit that can ruin a relationship; while being unforgiving is a bad habit in relationships, retaliation is even worse. Retaliation isn’t just terrible but it is childish as well. If partners keep retaliating for every wrong done then the relationship would never grow; retaliation shows accumulated anger, unforgiving heart, immaturity and these factors wouldn’t allow a relationship to be successful.


This is also another habit that could lead to an abrupt end of a relationship. What happened to talking? What happened to communication? What happened to sorting things out? If couples can wash their dirty linens in public then I wonder what they would do in private. I’m sure we have all witnessed couples quarreling or even fighting in public; it doesn’t show love, it doesn’t show respect, it doesn’t show understanding; it’s a terrible habit.


‘I’m sorry’ are two simple and easy words to say that would help save a lot of drama but some partners have the habit of being too proud to apologize. Being apologetic means you are aware of your mistakes and you are really sorry, but inability to do that shows pride and lacking the ability to treat your partner right.


Different people, different relationships; each relationship should have its own characteristics that would make it unique and special but some partners have the habit of always looking at the other side and this would lead to unnecessary jealousy and comparisons. Constantly berating and comparing your partner or your relationship to that of others is a bad habit that would definitely ruin your relationship.


One thing about lies is that it always starts with one then another and another till it becomes a regular routine. Your partner deserves every bit of honesty from you; a lack of it would kill the trust in a relationship and we all know the importance of trust. Surprisingly, lying is now a normal thing and it’s one of the most frequent habits in a relationship.


Sometimes one can get so used to a relationship that you start taking your partner for granted, you might not even know this but it happens a lot. Some people even purposely take their partner for granted by cheating, not listening to their partner and the rest of it. Taking your partner for granted is a terrible relationship habit that would ruin your relationship and kill all the thrills that make a relationship happy. Every frown, every smile, every smirk should be taken serious.


These 9 habits are common relationship habits that many partners are guilty of and they can only bring harm to your relationship.