Treating diabetes early can help prevent serious complications. It’s important you listen to your body and see your doctor if you notice these signs.

Below are 8 warning signs of diabetes

1. Frequent urination is the most common sign of diabetes. Frequent urination occurs because the excess sugar which the kidneys are unable to absorb must be urinated.

2.  Increased thirst even at night is another warning sign of diabetes. The increased thirst is usually the body’s response to the frequent urination.

3. Feeling weak and tired is another warning sign of diabetes. You find yourself feeling too weak to do the things you used to do with ease before.

4. Increased hunger especially after eating is another warning sign of diabetes. When you have diabetes, the body loses its ability to self-regulate blood sugar leading to fluctuations in blood sugar levels. The fluctuation makes the brain think you are starving and crave for more food.

5. Blurred vision is another warning sign of diabetes.

6. Unexplained weight loss is another common warning sign of diabetes.

7. Itchy or dry skin is another warning sign of diabetes. This occurs as a result of the body losing excess fluid due to frequent urination.

8. Wounds or cuts that take time to heal could signal diabetes. Diabetes stop wounds or cuts from healing on time because diabetes damage the arteries and veins, thereby restricting circulation.