There are some habits that will make you to be loved by your colleagues, and there are some habits that will put you in bad light.

There are some workers who people don’t just like; from their bosses to the their fellow employees — no one seems to like them. It isn’t really because people choose to hate them, but because of certain things they do and certain characters they exhibit.

These are some of those characters that’ll put you in bad light:

1. You want to have things your way all the time

People who want things to go their way all the time, without caring about the feelings and needs of others will never be loved. When people see you as self-centred in your workplace, they’d have a dislike for you.

2. You always spread gossips

The ones who are always involved in spreading rumours and gossips will most definitely have a bad reputation, and will be generally disliked.

3. You talk bad about others

Talking bad about other people will also put you in bad light among your fellow workers. No one loves to be talked about in a negative way, and people who tend to do this, draw hatred and dislike to themselves.

4. You are a jerk

The office jerks, who are just usually annoying and get on everyone’s nerves, tend to be disliked and hated.

5. You’re always loud

The ones who are loud on the phone, create a scene, talk loudly and have a lousy attitude, easily tend to get disliked as well.

6.You are involved in every office drama

There are people who are always involved in one office drama or the other; they’ve quarrelled with almost every person in the office, and they don’t seem to care. People like these don’t only have a bad reputation, but are hated by their colleagues.

7. You are lazy

Your fellow workers will dislike you when they notice that you have a lazy and nonchalant approach to work.

8. You are unapproachable

Even when you don’t show these other negative characters; your colleagues will also dislike you if they see you as unapproachable. If you never smile, and you always keep to yourself in a disrespectful manner, people will dislike you. People who frown all the time at work are generally disliked as well.


Most people who exhibit these characters at work, are usually disliked by their colleagues.