Loving yourself is a good thing, and I’ve written on the article — 6 beautiful ways to love yourself.

Inasmuch as loving yourself is a beautiful thing, you can also love yourself the wrong way, and many people tend to fall into this trap of loving themselves the wrong way.

If you are guilty of any of these acts below, then you’ve been loving yourself the wrong way:

1. You believe you are better than everyone else. This is simply being proud, and when you are too full of yourself, you are loving yourself the wrong way.

2. You live your life like it’s a competition. When you live your life competing with friends, neighbours and colleagues, it’s because you aren’t contented with yourself, and you’re loving yourself wrongly.

3. You fail to see the good in others. When you only see the good in yourself and fail to see the good in others, you are loving yourself the wrong way.

4. You are selfish. When you are self-centred and you focus only on yourself, then you’re loving yourself the wrong way. If you’re only about yourself and no one else, that’s a terrible way to love yourself.

5. You refuse to render help. When you refuse to render help to people because you feel they might reach your status or go beyond you, then you love yourself the wrong way.

6. You think only of your progress. If you have to push someone down just so that you can climb up, then you are loving yourself wrongly.

7. You think too highly of yourself. If you think too highly of yourself and look down on other people, and see them as inferior, then you are loving yourself the wrong way.


Loving yourself isn’t a bad thing, but there’s a thin line between loving yourself the right way and loving yourself the wrong way.