I feel faithfulness haven’t been given enough publicity that it deserves; when a young man is faithful to just one lady, he’s ridiculed by friends as not being cool enough to have loads of ladies in his life. If the thinking before marriage is to be promiscuous then how can one change that mentality after the person is married? By then, it could become extremely difficult to change from a promiscuous person to a faithful person.

Being faithful shows a whole lot of good qualities and I would list seven qualities a faithful partner exudes.


Faithfulness shows maturity; only a mature minded person can keep his or her calm and remain loyal to just one partner, while not giving room for unfaithfulness to grow. Only a mature person can see the wrong in cheating on a partner but see the plus side in remaining faithful. Faithfulness isn’t just faithfulness, faithfulness is maturity. How mature are you?


Promiscuity shows discontent. It shows you just can’t handle a relationship and be faithful to just one partner. Discontent isn’t a good quality; it’s a symbol of greed and dissatisfaction. When you ask or agree to a relationship with a partner, you have to find contentment in that relationship, anything other than that shows immaturity.


Self-control control is total maturity; taking control of your mind and your body isn’t an ordinary feat. Self-control control as well shows content and satisfaction in your partner while blinding your eyes to every other person. Self-control control isn’t being uncool, it shows maturity and that’s what being faithful is all about.


I would say this; if you value your partner totally, you wouldn’t want to cheat on that person. Sticking to that partner and not cheating shows that you value your partner and value your relationship as well. Having value for your relationship and for your partner is a good quality that’s exhibited in a relationship.


Being faithful is a respectful thing to do; it shows respect to not only your partner but your relationship as well. When you respect your partner’s feelings and emotions then you would fully understand that cheating on that partner would hurt, and hurting the same person you promised to care about doesn’t show respect—faithfulness shows respect.


Love isn’t just a mere word; it’s shown in words and action. If you totally love your partner and you are honest with your partner then you would be faithful to that partner. When you are faithful to that partner, it shows you love your partner too much to have a fling with any other man or woman.


Of course, being a faithful man/woman shows you are trustworthy. You can’t buy trust, you can only earn it, and it can’t be earned by mere words but by action and faithfulness is one of those actions that would make you earn the trust of your partner.


Faithfulness doesn’t mean you are weak and unattractive like some people would say; faithfulness means you are honest and mature enough to be in a relationship. How faithful are you?