Regarded as one of the most common fruits in Africa, the African star apple is a favourite among not just Africans, but also for foreigners who have tasted its sweet liquid. It is mostly found during the wet season and is a very good source of income for those who are able to gather them for sale.

In some African cultures, plucking the fruit off its tree is regarded a taboo, and is often followed with some form of punishment. In such cultures, residents and lovers of the fruit have to wait on the wind to get some. But then, that isn’t the norm everywhere, as people are allowed to pluck the fruit of its tree in other cultures. The African star apple is not just a fruit for Africans as I stated earlier, it is exported to other parts of the world by people who consider it a viable source of livelihood.

The African star apple is very nutritious, and performs a lot of functions in the body. These are some of its benefits.


1. The fruit is a very good source of vitamin C. In fact, food experts say it has far more vitamin C than orange.

2. According to research, it can lower blood sugar level and cholesterol, and can help prevent heart disease.

3. It can help cure diseases like constipation, sore throat and toothache.

4. In some African cultures, the seed of this great fruit is useful in the treatment of skin infections.

5. The fruit contains powerful nutrients that can help reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes.

6. The African star apple could serve as a natural source of Anti-Oxidant booster to remove free radicals from oxidative stress disorders.

7. An African star apple contains about 3 grams of fibre. Consuming a lot of it daily can help one lose weight.


So now, you’ve seen some of the benefits you stand to enjoy by consuming as much African star apples as you can find.