A lot of things go through a man’s mind before he eventually tries to kiss a lady for a first time; would she like it? Would she kiss me back? Would she think badly of me? Is this the right time? These questions and lots more goes through the mind of a man before he attempts to kiss a lady he’s trying to woo.

Most men are unsure and sceptical about kissing a lady for the first as most don’t know what to expect and whether it’s the right time or not.

While some are lucky with the first kiss, others aren’t lucky as the lady finds it gross that he tried kissing her.

Before you try kissing a lady you like for the first time, there are 6 things you should consider else you would look quite stupid for just venturing for a kiss.

Continue below as I reveal 6 things every man should consider before going for that first kiss


What’s the mood like? That’s one important question that needs to be answered before trying to go for that first kiss. If the mood is just normal then you shouldn’t give it a go, if it’s one of a mere friendly nature then it isn’t time yet because you have been probably friend zoned but if the mood is romantic and all loving then there is a 90 percent chance that she has also been waiting for that kiss too; so you should give it a go and be bold about it.


If the mood is important then the connection is more important. Even if the mood is quite serene and romantic but there is no connection between the two of you at that time then you shouldn’t rush it. However, if there is this connection between the both of you at the time then she’s as well ready for a first kiss.


Women are unlike men when it comes to having a kiss. A man might want a kiss for various reasons while for a woman it’s mostly emotional; so for you to have that kiss with her you have to be sure that there is some percentage of love emotions she has for you. If she has feelings for you then you can give it a go but if she feels little or nothing then you shouldn’t think of it.


Women pass message through their eyes as well; when a woman has feelings for you, if you are observant you would notice it from her eyes. If her eyes become dilated or there is this glow in her eyes then she’s probably into you and waiting for you but if her eyes are dry, aggressive or just normal then I’d advise you should concentrate more on winning her heart because she’s probably not into you yet to want to have that huge emotional moment with you.


Her body language would also depict if she’s ready for the first kiss. She could probably act shy even if she’s a naturally bold person, she could start fondling with her hair or anything she lay her hands on, she would blush and smile in a very charming way, she could probably touch you not in a sexual way but a way that depicts care; these body language and lots more would show that she’s also ready for a first kiss.


Your confidence matters a lot; a man needs to have a lot of confidence if not he could probably lose even a lady that actually cares about him. If those signs are there and you aren’t confident enough, you would probably end up not having that first kiss or any kiss at all from the lady you care about. Even if the signs are there and you aren’t confident then it accounts for nothing. Confident matters a lot.


These six things are what every man should put into consideration before trying to steal that first kiss from a lady he cares about.