man looking at woman

When a man sees a woman for the first time, there are certain things about the lady that would always stick in his brain. The features of the lady would definitely be the topic of discussion when he meets his pals. These features would definitely make the man start a conversation with the lady. I think the brothers would agree with me after reading this

Below are 6 things about a lady that would get a man’s attention


Most men will agree with me on this. A lady’s boobs would get the attention of most men. It’s the first place some men notice in a lady. Men have different taste when it comes to the type of boobs they want so you should know be proud of the boobs you have. He might just be loving them.


The way you dress can also get the attention of a man. A man who loves your dress sense would definitely get attracted to you because you would get his attention with your clothes. A study found that most men prefer a classy dresser to a woman who shows too much of her skin. So showing too much skin might get the attention of the wrong kind of men. Improve your dress sense if possible for that confident look. So don’t think we don’t notice; men notice the way you dress.


Most men would notice a lady with a pretty smile no matter how crowded the room is. A genuine smile is always contagious; it’s like a magnet. It’s also easier for men to start a conversation with a lady that smiles. Every man would notice a lady that smiles so if you want his attention, smile next time you are next to him.


I have a friend that would die for a lady with full legs. LOL. Don’t think men don’t notice the legs of ladies, they do. I love long legs; I would do anything to get a woman with long legs, LOL. The kind of legs that would get my attention would definitely be different from the type that would get the other man’s attention. Love your legs lady and don’t be afraid to pay attention to your legs with your clothes, you never might tell you might be admiring them.


A lady with a nice would attract most men. Don’t think the hours spent taking care of your hair is in vain. A lady’s pretty hair would definitely get his attention. If you want his attention today, make sure your hair is well taken care of.

6. SKIN                                       

The skin of a woman would get the attention of some men too. A skin that is well taken care of would get a man’s attention. Keep your skin looking healthy by keeping it hydrated with moisturisers and keeping it clean. We love women with a soft and healthy skin; they would definitely get our attention.

So ladies, step out tomorrow looking confident with this tips.