For a lot of people, the one question that always comes to mind when it’s time for marriage or they want to move on is ‘body count’. They want to know how many people their partner dated or slept with before them. Now, I do understand that for some of us, that is a big deal, however, I know there are more important things to consider than that.

Marriage is potentially a lifelong commitment; therefore, important issues have to be brought to the fore, and discussed if it’s to actually be peaceful and smooth.

Here are some ignored issues that couples should actually be straightening out before they say “I do.”


The truth is that there are a lot of people out there who are sick and down with one sort of illness or another without knowing it. Unless you talk about it, chances of knowing are slim. And of course, you know that there are loads of deadly and potentially fatal diseases out there. Some of them may not be fatal, but they’re definitely destructive. There are health complications that can lead to death, while there are those that can render one incapacitated or unproductive sexually. Talking about this makes it easier for future problems to be averted, and creates more room for trust and understanding.

Of course, you know that there are people who would lie about their health status, so asking to do a test together is the best shot at finding the truth.


It’s easier for a genotype AA person to marry an SS or AS, than it is for the latter two to marry themselves. When an SS genotype makes a child with another SS, the child is likely to suffer…if they survive. An AS and SS also risk the same problem. Same with AS and AS. Asking for a genotype test to be conducted equips you with this knowledge, which allows you make the healthiest choice. No matter how deep the love may be; when it comes to this subject, only the healthier option is best.


I recently heard a story of a young lady who dated a man for two years without knowing he was already married with kids. How did she find out? The story has it that on an unfortunate occasion, she walked in on the man and his wife in his home. She had come with the kids to spend the weekend. She was very much heartbroken, but I can’t imagine it would have been that bad if she had enquired to know about the man’s past relationships. It’s important to ask how his previous relationship ended, and why it actually ended so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Of course, hearing lies is a huge possibility, so, it helps to do a little background check or digging on the person you are about to get involved with.


A lot of women have gotten married to fraudulent men, and men, gotten married to women who do improper jobs, just because they don’t the truth. It’s important to make enquiries into your partner’s life, and know what they do for a living for your own security and safety, because if you get married to someone who does illegal work, when things go south, you’ll suffer instability and pain that follow.