A foul smell around your privates is probably the worst thing to suffer as a human. It’s embarrassing, and worst still, can cost you your relationship. There are a handful of reasons people smell horrible down below, they include…



People who sweat a lot have to bath at least three times a day. I know those who go more than that number, but to be moderate, three is just okay. Sweating and ignoring your body subjects you to awful smells which leave you vulnerable to all sorts of embarrassment. When sweat dries up on you, after a while, bacteria get on it, hence the smell. So try bathing as regularly as possible if you sweating often to reduce the risks.



It’s almost impossible to see people who have pubic hair, and don’t have some type of annoying smell coming out from that region. Pubic hair covers up skin on the region of your body where it’s allowed to grow. That then makes it impossible for air to go there freely. When you sweat, and you don’t quickly wash yourself, you would end up smelling. Only a few people can maintain a healthy, smell-free body with pubic hair, so you probably should let yours go if it’s causing you so much embarrassment.



After sex, some of us usually ignore that we should have a bath immediately to wash off the semen and juice on our privates and body. It’s wrong because these things have their own smell. When you allow them stay on for so long without washing, you can begin to smell.



Some of us just don’t know how to wash ourselves well. Sometimes. As we have a bath, we forget to wash the privates region very well. This is a real reason a lot of people have a foul smell down there.


The bottom line is it’s important to embrace proper hygiene. It is the only way to keep bad smells away.