Making a woman feel adored is a sure way of showing her that she’s special to you.

When a woman feels adored by her man; she would swoon in love, enjoy every bit of the relationship and she would be happy.

Some little things you do can really make a woman feel adored.

1. Pay attention to her, and you would find out things she really loves. Then do them for her.

2. Every woman loves her family. Have a good relationship with her family.

3. Be open. Share your feelings with her.

4. When she’s lovely, tell her she’s lovely. When she’s beautiful, let her know that she’s beautiful.

5. Just listen to her; it would make her feel special and valued.

6. A little gift that comes from the heart could do wonders.

7. On her birthday, make her feel like the only person on earth. Every woman loves getting all the attention on her birthday.

8. Just knowing that she’s the only one in your life can make her feel adored.

9. Notice the little changes; most times she does it for you. From her hair to her nails; noticing those little details lets her know that you notice her and that she has your attention.

10. Just plan a surprise date sometimes. This never goes wrong.

11. Let her know that you don’t only see her as beautiful on the outside, but the inside as well.

12. Be proud of her.

13. Respect her. Treat her like a queen and not a thing. After all, she’s your queen.

14. Better yourself. She always wants to see a better version of you.

15. Be patient with her on her bad days.

16. Be there for her when she needs someone.

17. Be romantic. Almost every woman out there loves romance.

18. Do those small things. Those small things that you feel don’t matter, actually matter the most.

19. Text her, call her, chat with her and talk to her regularly; it’s called communication.

20. Make the relationship about her and not about sex.

21. Love her for who she is, and love her beauty in spite of her flaws.

22. She made a mistake, huh? Forgive her and move on.

23. Apologise when you’re wrong. It makes it easier for her and she would understand that you value the relationship.

24. Give her full attention and affection.

25. Tell her the things you love about her. She would really love to know.

26. Appreciate all the things she does for you. She would feel valued and would understand that they’re worth it.

27. Always offer a listening ear.

28. Show small acts of thoughtfulness.

29. Make decisions with her and never leave her in the dark.

30. Doing it once isn’t enough. Be consistent.


Making a woman feel adored would be easy when you really love her and you’re willing to be right by her.