It’s not the material things that prove to a woman how much you care but the simple and sweet gestures. The little things you ignore as a man mean so much to women.

Here are 30 little things that mean so much to women

1. Helping her with house chores.

2. Sending her good morning texts.

3. Holding her hands while you walk with her.

4. Asking her about her day.

5. Defending her in public.

6. Bragging about her to your friends and family.

7. Being friends with her friends.

8. Saying thank you.

9. Cuddling her without any intention of wanting sex.

10. Complimenting her on something new she bought.

11. Buying her gifts.

12. Cooking for her.

13. Posting pictures of her on your social media account.

14. Asking for her opinion.

15. Letting her do the things that she enjoys.

16. Massaging her after a stressful day.

17. Telling her she looks beautiful.

18. Calling her instead of texting her.

19. Taking her out on a date.

20. Keeping to your words.

21. Taking an interest in things that she likes even though you may not like them.

22. Opening the door for her.

23. Telling her that you love her.

24. Listening to her.

25. Calling her instead of texting.

26. Remembering things she told you.

27. Calling her cute pet names.

28. You don’t pressurise her into anything she doesn’t want to do.

29. Encouraging her.

30. Go shopping with her.