jealous ex

There are different types of exes and in the course of your relationship life, before you end up with that special one, there are some exes you would encounter.

You might not meet all, but you might meet some of these exes below.

1.The one you wonder why you ever had a relationship with. There is almost always that one ex that would get you thinking: “why did I have a relationship with him/her in the first place?”

2. The ex that’s just a jerk. An ex like this is just plain annoying.

3. The ex that you hurt; need I say more?

4. The ex you feel you have unfinished business with.

5. The ex you are trying to prove wrong, for either what they said or did to you.

6. The ex you just can’t get over.

7. The ex you are now friends with.

8. The ex who did so much for you and you just keep wondering why it never worked out with them.

9. The ex who’s so clingy in such an annoying way.

10. The ex with a new attractive partner that makes you twinge a little and you pretend not to care.

11. The ex that’s getting married.

12. The ex that had a major boom in his/her career after you left.

13. The ex you still think about.

14. The ex you had your best sex with.

15. The ex that made you happy and sad at the same time.

16. The ex who would never change.

17. The very attractive ex that could make you go back again even though you know it’s wrong.

18. The ex you felt you had a perfect relationship with but just one quarrel ended it all.

19. The ex you feel sorry for leaving even though you just had to.

20. The ex that taught you so much about life.


What kind of exes have you had?