Not every relationship will end with your partner cheating or you having a huge fight with your partner. Sometimes, a relationship just runs its course and many don’t even know this. How then do we know its time to break up ASAP?

Check out the signs below

1. You fight over everything. Even insignificant things cause a big argument between you and your partner.

2. You feel caged in the relationship and you can’t do the things that make you happy.

3. You can’t be who you really are because your partner doesn’t accept all of you.

4. You no longer look forward to seeing your partner. You don’t feel bothered if you don’t see your partner for weeks.

5. You have to hide things from your partner or lie to your partner to avoid getting your partner angry.

6. Your partner doesn’t care about the things you want out of a relationship. Your partner isn’t willing to meet you halfway.

7. You can’t picture a future together with your partner. What’s the point being in a relationship if you don’t see your partner in your future?

8. Your partner never takes responsibility for his/her mistakes and always puts the blame on you.

9. You have no interest in making sacrifices for your partner. It doesn’t even seem worth it to you.

10. Your partner doesn’t treat you with respect.

11. There’s no trust in the relationship. You just don’t trust each other.

12. Your partner always threatens to break up with you after every argument.

13. You are afraid to speak up because you are afraid your opinion will spark a fight.

14. Your partner brings out the worst in you.

15. Your partner always reminds you of your past mistakes.

16. Your partner always makes you feel bad about yourself.

17. You are interested in being with someone else.

18. You always come up with excuses not to have sex.

19. Your relationship is negatively affecting every other aspect of your life.

20. You are always fearful you are doing something wrong.