woman in love

The problem with this generation is that guys want to sweep a woman off her feet without making any effort.

Men of the older generation understood that women should be cherished and adored. Men of the older generation treated women like angels and this is what this generation isn’t doing.

Below are 20 old-fashioned habits every man should have if he wants to melt the heart of a woman

1. Dress properly when going out on a date with a woman. Show her some respect by dressing nicely.

2. When taking a woman out on a date, come to her door to pick her. Don’t just sit in your car and horn for her to get into the car.

3. Bring flowers or other tokens of respect and affection on the first date.

4. When with a woman, give her your complete attention. Drop your phones and pay attention to what she has to say.

5. Open the door for her.

6. If you are with a woman and you meet a friend you want to stop and chat with, always introduce her. It’s rude if you don’t.

7. Don’t expect sex from a woman just because she loves you. If you love her, you should wait for her.

8. Don’t say she’s hot. Say she’s beautiful.

9. If you are out with a woman and it’s cold, offer her your jacket.

10. Never keep a woman waiting. Always be on time.

11. After a date with a woman, call her and thank her for the date.

12. Don’t ask a woman for nudes.

13. When you take a woman out on a date, walk her up to her door to make sure she makes it home safely.

14. Tell her you love her only when you truly mean it. Never tell her you love her if you don’t mean it.

15. Ask for her permission to kiss her at the end of a date.

16. Go up to her and ask her out. You shouldn’t do that via dating apps or Facebook.

17. Romantic gestures like writing a poem would be appreciated.

18. Be clear with her if you are in a committed relationship or not.

19. Take it slow with her. Don’t rush her.

20. Be sincere with your compliments.