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It’s now six years the king of pop died and he is still fresh in our memory. Michael Jackson died on June 25 2009 and he will always be remembered as one artist that changed the face of music forever.

Michael smashed lots of record and raised the bar in the entertainment industry. To celebrate a man that shattered records and made everyone dance, here are 20 amazing facts about Michael Jackson you probably didn’t know.

1. Elizabeth Taylor was the first person to call Michael Jackson the king of pop before the media gave him the crown. She called Michael the king of pop at an awards ceremony.

2. Michael Jackson never drank Pepsi but Pepsi sponsored Michael Jackson and his tours from 1984-1994.

3. Michael shopped for the things he needed at eBay even though he was one of the richest musicians.

4. No celebrity earned more than Michael Jackson in 203. Michael Jackson earned $160million last year even though he was dead.

5. Michael Jackson fell on stage and broke his nose leading him to have his first plastic surgery

6. The number ‘7’ is Michael Jackson’s favourite number.

7. His first solo album was released when he was only just 13 years old. ‘Got to be there’ is the title of his first album.

8. You remember famous musician, Diana Ross? Michael Jackson lived with her in his early days at Motown.

9. Famous actor Wesley Snipes broke into limelight after he made his acting debut in Michael Jackson’s video ‘Bad’.

10. Who remembers Men in Black II? Michael Jackson made a cameo appearance in the movie as Agent M.

11. Michael Jackson own his brand of energy drink. His energy drink is called Mystery.

12. Who do you think was the first black artist on MTV? If you said Michael Jackson, then you are right.

13. On his 45th birthday, fans of the king of pop organized a birthday bash for him and guess what, he attended.

14. If you are a Michael Jackson fan, then you should know his song, ‘Blood on the Dancefloor’. That song was dedicated to Elton John.

15. Nobody has giving more to charity than the king of pop, Michael Jackson. He is in the Guinness Book of Records for giving more than anyone to charity.

16. Who do you think has the record for the most expensive music video? If you said Michael Jackson, then you are right and if you can remember the video, ‘Scream’ with his sister, Janet then you know the most expensive music video.

17. No other artist has won more awards than the king of pop, Michael Jackson

18. The only artist to have a hit in the Top 10 in each of five decades in the Billboard Charts is Michael Jackson.

19. Former US president, Bill Clinton and his family were close friends with the king of pop.

20. Michael Jackson couldn’t read music or play any music instrument.

Now you know all the things you need to know about the king of pop, Michael Jackson


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