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Being in an emotionally abusive relationship has a harmful effect on your personality as it destroys your self-respect.

Emotional abuse affects how we think about ourselves and the sad truth is that many people don’t know they are being abused emotionally.

Many people have also let themselves to be abused emotionally all in the name of love. You need to understand that inasmuch as love requires sacrifice, you shouldn’t make a sacrifice that will destroy your self-worth.

If your partner displays any of the following behaviours, you might just be in an emotionally abusive relationship

1. Your partner humiliates you privately and also in public.

2. Nothing you do is ever good enough for your partner. Your partner always finds flaws in everything and is impossible to please.

3. Your partner is a control freak. He/she interrogates you intensely about who you talked to and where you were.

4. Your partner insults you and disguise the insults as jokes.

5. Your partner uses every mistake and incident to remind you of your shortcomings and failures. All you get from your partner is constant criticism.

6. Your feelings don’t matter to your partner.

7. You don’t feel safe around your partner. Your partner threatens you or acts in a manner that comes off as threatening.

8. Your partner makes you feel guilty or chooses to punish you by withholding displays of affection and sex.

9. Your partner never supports your dreams but instead ridicules your dreams and achievements.

10. Your partner tells the world private things about your relationship against your wishes.

11. Your partner tries to undermine your ability to make good decisions by always telling you what to do.

12. Your partner blames you for everything that goes wrong in the relationship.

13. You are very careful when talking with your partner because you never know what could upset your partner. Your partner gets extremely sensitive when the topic of discussion pertains to him/her.

14. Your partner is excessively possessive, calls you constantly and visits you unexpectedly.

15. Your partner tries to cut you off your family and friends.

16. Your partner has sudden mood swings and could switch from being in a loving mood to being angry in a matter of minutes.

17. Your partner makes you feel like you aren’t good enough for him/her. He/she acts like you should be grateful he/she even considered being with you.

18. Your partner has trust issues and always puts you on the line to prove your love for him/her.




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