Every woman desires to be the best wife in the world while every man wants the best wife in the world. So what qualities should a good wife have?

Here are 18 qualities of a good wife

1. A good wife never forgets the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A good wife ensures her man is well-fed.

2. A good wife avoids nagging because she understands nagging and complaining constantly creates an unwanted rift between her and her husband.

3. A good wife picks her battles and doesn’t fight over everything.

4. A good wife keeps her home organised.

5. A good wife keeps her husband’s secrets. She never shares her husband’s secrets with anyone even if they promise not to tell.

6. A good wife gives her husband the space he needs to do the things he likes.

7. A good wife spends quality time with her man despite her very busy schedule.

8. A good wife always seek for ways to express her love for her husband by remembering special days in his life, getting him gifts and through other small gestures that shows him she loves him.

9. A good wife doesn’t just expect her husband to listen to what she has to say, she also listens to her husband too and talk about the things he’s interested in.

10. A good wife is honest and she’s a woman her husband can trust. She doesn’t keep secrets from her husband.

11. A good wife satisfies her man in bed and always tries to give him the best sex ever.

12. A good wife never ignores her looks after marriage. She takes care of herself and looks good.

13. A good wife treasures her husband for who he is and doesn’t try to change him into someone he isn’t.

14. A good wife takes her husband out on a date whenever she can. Dates help rekindle the romance in a marriage and a good wife understands this.

15. A good wife admits her mistakes and doesn’t always need to be right.

16. A good wife understands respect is reciprocal. She understands for you to earn your husband’s respect, you need to show respect love and respect him.

17. A good wife makes her husband her number one priority not her children, friends or parents.

18. A good wife appreciates her husband’s efforts and dedication to make the marriage work.



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