A woman’s weight, size and shape is something she takes very personal, and body shaming has become so rampant these days to the extent that many women hate their bodies, and a lot of women subject their fellow women to ridicule simply because they feel they have a better body.

I’ve put below 18 important tips for every woman today on the way they ought to feel about their body.

1. There is nothing like a perfect body, learn to feel secure in yours. The woman you feel has a perfect body is also envious of another woman’s perfect body — and round and round it goes.

2. It’s also important to feel secure about your body when with your man. Baring your insecurities may not help your relationship.

3. The more attractive you feel about your body is the more attractive you are.

4. Comparing your body to another woman is never ideal.

5. If you have too many insecurities about your body, you are probably going to be an unhappy woman. It would be difficult for someone to accept you when you can’t even accept yourself.

6. It would pay off if you give your character, behaviour and self-development the same attention that’s given to your body.

7. Stop trying to shape your body to what you feel men would love. Men feel differently about different body shapes; some men like their women curvy, while some men prefer smaller frames.

8. At the end of the day, to a lot of men, the shape doesn’t even matter that much.

9. Your body would most likely change at different times of your life. Get used to it.

10. Stop body shaming other women. It doesn’t make you any better.

11. It’s bad to mock women with eating disorders; it’s an illness they have no control over.

12. Don’t hide behind the fact that you feel your friend is fatter than you; it doesn’t make anything better.

13. The fact that you should be comfortable in your body doesn’t really mean you should eat unhealthy and avoid exercising. Take proper care of your body — it’s the only one you have.

14. Never let a man make you feel terrible about your body.

15. The fact that you and your friends eat the same food and probably work out together doesn’t mean you would have the same outcomes.

16. Be careful what you say to others about their bodies; what you feel doesn’t matter might actually make them feel terrible.

17. It doesn’t pay to make a woman feel bad about her body.

18. Finally, you are imperfectly perfect the way you are.  Playing Bruno Mars’ “The way you are” would really be wonderful.

At the end of the day ladies, it’s your body; if you don’t feel good in it, who will?