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If you want to be a confident woman, there are certain qualities you should possess.

Check them out below

1. Confident women know no one is perfect and they admit their flaws.

2. Confident women go for quality and not quantity when choosing friends.

3. Confident women don’t make false promises. They say no when it’s necessary.

4. Confident women don’t take things personally. They understand everyone is entitled to their opinion.

5. Confident women love themselves and don’t try to be someone else.

6. Confident women listen to their instincts.

7. Confident women don’t succumb to peer pressure. They do things because they want to do them and not because they were forced to do them.

8. Confident women don’t see failure as defeat. They are very determined because they understand there are always bumps in the path that leads to success.

9. Confident women don’t waste their time worrying because they understand worry solves nothing.

10. Confident women don’t have regrets. They learn from mistakes from their past and move on.

11. Confident women aren’t people pleasers. She doesn’t need the approval of others to do what she thinks is right.

12. Confident women take good care of themselves. They understand the importance of a healthy life.

13. Confident women are trend setters and don’t follow trends. Confident women are brave enough to set trends.

14. Confident women know no one is an island. They ask for help when necessary. Confident women don’t feel belittled by seeking for help.

15. Confident women are happy to see others grow. They support others achieve their dreams.

16. Confident don’t doubt their abilities. They think their decisions through thoroughly and believe in themselves.

17. Confident women don’t spend time gossiping.



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