Are you crazy about her but don’t know how to tell if she’s really interested in you?

Here are 15 ways to tell she’s interested in you

1. She’s enjoys having a conversation with you and is always eager to have a conversation with you.

2. She smiles a lot when she’s around you.

3. She doesn’t like it when you flirt with other girls.

4. Her friends give you you clues that she likes you and they always want to know what you think about their friend.

5. She’s always wants your attention.

6. She notices how you’re dressed or changes in your clothing.

7. She’s free around you and opens up to you about her problems.

8. She always gives her full attention when she’s with you.

9. You text and chat with each other regularly and she also initiates it too.

10. She hugs you at every opportunity.

11. She always finds excuses to touch you like removing an imaginary thing from your hair.

12. She gets interested in things you like.

13. She wants to be around you at all times.

14. She suggests hanging out with you or says yes quickly if you suggest plans.

15. She hints that she’s single or might ask you if you are single.