It’s so easy starting a new relationship but making the relationship last is the hard part. There are several factors that can influence the outcome of a relationship.

If you want some tips that will help your relationship last, keep reading.

1. You can’t have a lasting relationship if you don’t know how to forgive. Everyone makes mistakes and if you truly care about your partner, you should be willing to forgive. Holding grudges is a relationship killer.

2. Have a date night at least once a week. This gives you an opportunity to spend quality time together with your partner in a romantic atmosphere without any friend interrupting.

3. Make time to talk with your partner regularly irrespective of how busy you are. Doing this will create a bond between you and your partner and help the both of you grow as a couple.

4. If you want a lasting relationship, honesty should be your watchword. You should be willing to be open and honest with your partner always.

5. You and your partner are two different persons with different ideas and beliefs. You have to be willing to adapt if you want to have a lasting relationship.

6. If you want your relationship to last, you should learn to compromise. Being happy should be more important to you than being right. You have to be willing to meet your partner halfway.

7. Improving your finer qualities and working on your weaknesses makes a you a better person thereby impacting on your relationship. Your relationship is more likely to last when we improve ourselves.

8. You have to be willing to apologize if you have done something wrong if you want a lasting relationship. Don’t be too stubborn to admit your mistake.

9. While spending time with your partner is important to have a lasting relationship, giving each other some space every now and then is also important. No one wants a clingy partner.

10. Finding new interests you can pursue together will help keep your relationship fresh. Find a new hobby you can do together as a couple. This will help bring you closer together.

11. Never underestimate the power of saying “thank you”. Say “thank you” even when its your partner duty because doing this makes your partner feel appreciated.

12. Taking a trip together to visit a new place can help keep your relationship fresh thereby making your relationship last. Visiting new places as a couple is good for every relationship.

13. Be affectionate. Hold your partner’s hand, play with your partner’s hair, kiss your partner and cuddle your partner without it leading to sex.

14. Avoid doing things that would make your partner jealous. I understand some partners have jealousy issues but it’s important we also avoid doing things that will make our partner jealous.

15. Always let your partner know how much you love him/her through your words and actions.