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The sweet thing about love is that it can happen when you least expect. If you do the stuffs on this list, you just might be in love.

Below are 15 signs you are deeply in love

1. No matter what you do or where you go, everything around you just reminds you of him/her.

2. Every time your phone rings or you get a message, you just wish it’s him/her calling or sending a message. You also find yourself taking a glance at your phone all the time to check if you missed a call from him/her or you have a message from him/her.

3. It doesn’t matter what you are talking about and who you are talking to, you always find yourself always talking about him/her. You just can’t help it.

4. You are always excited to see him/her. You are happy to change your schedule even at a short notice sometimes just to spend time with him/her.

5. A day without your him/her seems like eternity without him/her.

6. You spend hours on the phone with him/her talking about so many irrelevant things.

7. You go through the messages he/she sent you when you are alone and bored and you often smile while reading the messages.

8. No amount of time spent with your him/her is ever enough. The clock just seems to tick too fast when you are together.

9. He/she drives you crazy sometimes and pushes your buttons in ways that no one else ever could but you still can’t help being around him/her.

10. You get pissed and get all defensive when your friends say something negative about him/her. You don’t know why but you always find yourself protecting him/her when friends say rude things about him/her.

11. You subconsciously find yourself taking notes of the things he/she likes. You just want to know the things he/she likes so you can always make him/her happy.

12. You are totally comfortable when with him/her and can talk about anything with him/her.

13. You find yourself totally happy for no apparent reason at all.

14. It’s difficult to concentrate because you find yourself thinking about him/her. Your mind just seems to be somewhere else no matter who you are with.

15. You are happy doing the things you hate doing just so you can spend time with him/her.

If you find yourself doing all this, just admit it – you are in love.