happy couple

Everything in life has set rules to enable it function properly so do relationships. Every relationship is unique and different but there are certain rules that would obviously work for all relationships.

Below are 15 relationship rules you should know

1. Someone who wants the best for you is what’s best for you.

2. If you truly love someone, being faithful is easy.

3. Don’t let someone get comfortable with disrespecting you.

4. You deserve someone who makes you a priority and puts in effort to be with you, not excuses.

5. If you spend too long holding onto someone who treats you like an option, you’ll miss finding the one who treats you like a priority.

6. Don’t lose a diamond while chasing glitter.

7. Relationships end because once the person has you, they stop doing the things it took to get to you.

8. There’s a difference between somebody who wants you and somebody who would do anything to keep you.

9. It doesn’t matter if it’s a relationship, lifestyle or a job, if it doesn’t make you happy, let it go.

10. People make time for those who matter. People text and reply the people they prioritize. Never believe anyone who says they’re too busy. If they wanted to be around you, they would.

11. If you have to convince someone that you are right for them, then they aren’t right for you.

12. Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer give a damn.

13. Never take someone for granted. Hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you’ve lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones.

14. If you find yourself constantly trying to prove your worth to someone, you have already forgotten your worth.

15. It’s better not to have anyone than have someone who is half there or don’t want to be with you.