best friends

Humans are social beings who need people in their everyday lives to talk with, share their joys and sorrow etc. Friends make life beautiful and worth living but what qualities should we look for when choosing a best friend?

1. A best friend listens to what you have to say even if they are ridiculous stories he/she doesn’t understand.

2. A best friend knows who you are and doesn’t judge you based on your mistake.

3. A best friend is always there to take your side and protect you when others try to criticize you or make you feel bad. A best friend will stick by you even when it’s not convenient for him or her.

4. A best friend accepts you and your decisions even when he or she doesn’t agree with them.

5. Moments with your best friend are fun. A best friend shares your humour.

6. A best friend loves you for who you really are. A best friend accepts you at your worst.

7. No matter how busy he or she is, a best friend will be all ears when you are looking for someone to talk to.

8. A best friend celebrates your success and not let envy get the best of him or her.

9. A best friend is someone you can depend on. No matter what happens, he or she is someone you can depend on.

10. A best friend understands no one is without flaws and forgives you when you wrong him or her.

11. A best friend is someone who you can trust to keep your secrets because he or she is trustworthy.

12. A best friend can talk about almost anything with you.

13. A best friend is someone you can trust to give you their honest opinion on anything.

14. A best friend encourages you to be the best you can be.

15. A best friend is someone who would never say bad about you to others.