Cancer is not just one disease but a group of diseases which can cause almost any symptom so it could really be complicated knowing the symptoms to watch out for.

It’s always advisable to have routine screenings regularly as they are easier to treat when they are discovered early.

Though some of these symptoms could be for other ailments, it’s important not to overlook or ignore any symptom.

Below are 15 cancer symptoms you shouldn’t ignore

1. Fever can be an early sign of leukemia or lymphoma.

2. Losing weight when it’s not on purpose could signal cancer of pancreas, stomach, esophagus or lungs.

3. Back pain can be a symptom of cancer of the colon or ovary.

4. Headache that doesn’t get better with treatment could be a symptom of brain tumor.

5. Getting tired always even with adequate rest could be a symptom of colon cancer, stomach cancer or leukemia.

6. Long-term constipation, diarrhea could be a symptom of colon cancer.

7. A long-lasting sore in the mouth could be a symptom of oral cancer.

8. White spots on the tongue may be a symptom of leukoplakia.

9. Lump in the breast could signal breast cancer.

10. Coughing out blood may be a sign of lung cancer.

11. Abnormal vaginal bleeding may be a sign of cervical or endometrial cancer.

12. Blood in the urine may be a sign of kidney cancer.

13. Blood in the stool may be a sign of colon cancer.

14. Regular problem with indigestion could be a sign of cancer of the esophagus, stomach or throat.

15. Cough that don’t go away may be a sign of lung cancer.

While these symptoms might not indicate cancer, a visit to doctor when you notice them and routine screening is important.