When disrespect is present in a marriage, it’ll be impossible for love and peace to be present in the marriage.

Men might feel slighted in their marriage and not show it; but the pains of disrespect goes deep in his heart, and it might be there for a very long time.

These are some of the ways women tend to disrespect their husband:

1. Criticising his every act. When you feel you are always right, but your husband is always wrong — it’s disrespectful. Even when you don’t agree with his opinion; you ought to give him the benefit of doubt and also respect his opinion. Find a way to compromise and see how things will pan out.

2. Talking bad about him. When you speak bad about your husband, whether in his presence or absence, you are disrespecting him. What you say comes from your heart, and for you to have conceived it in your heart shows your intent.

3. Shouting at him. Just as it is disrespectful for a man to shout at his woman, it’s even more disrespectful for a woman to raise her voice on her man. If you value your marriage and respect your husband, you must look for ways to talk to him rather than being disrespectful with the tone of your voice.

4. You go behind his back. When you go behind your husband to make certain decisions, especially decisions that he should be aware of – it can also be tagged as disrespect.

5. You spoil his reputation. A lot of women are guilty of this; they spoil their husband’s reputation in the eyes of his children, their families and even with friends and neighbours, just to get the compassion of others. If you are guilty of spoiling your husband’s reputation, then you have been disrespecting him.

6. By not appreciating him. As a wife, it’s your responsibility to appreciate your husband. When you fail to appreciate his efforts, then you are disrespecting how hard he’s trying to make things work.

7. When you criticise his every mistake. We are all imperfect, and we all make mistakes. If you (who’s also mistake-prone) criticise your husband and bring him down with your words whenever he makes a mistake, then you are being disrespectful.

8. Emotional abuse, abusing him with harsh words and saying things to spite him, is the biggest way many women dent their marriage.

9. Reminding him of his past failures is another sign of disrespect, that’ll go on to hurt his ego.

10. You expect him to read your mind. Many women are guilty of this, and get angry when their husband fail in this category. But this is unfair to him, and it’s even disrespectful when you get angry at him for not being able to read your mind.

11. Complaining to your Friends about him. When you complain to your friends and say all manner of things about your husband to your friends, you kill his reputation, and make your friends think lowly of your man. This is very disrespectful, and you should never compare your man with another for any reason or make your man a laughing-stock among your friends.

12. You use sex as a weapon. Withholding sex just to score a point is also disrespectful and unfair. There are many ways to get your point across to your man without having to withhold sex.

13. You give him the silent treatment. This is just as bad as it gets. To understand how this feels, turn the table around and picture your husband or someone else that you care about, treating you in this manner.

14. You compare him to others. You should never compare your husband to any other man. You make him feel less of a man when you do this.