sad black woman

There comes a stage in a woman’s life where she dreams of getting married — it becomes her major goal, and it’s even worse when everyone around her is getting married, besides her.

There is this familiar pressure from her family, her peers, society and even herself when she reaches her late twenties and she isn’t at least engaged.

Many ladies are faced with this pressure when everyone they know is getting married, and many of them don’t even know how to handle this pressure.

Every lady in this situation should have the following in mind.

1. The fact that everyone is getting married before you doesn’t mean they are better than you. Marriage shouldn’t be seen as a yardstick for who’s better than the other.

2. Marriage is a union and not a competition. Don’t take marriage as a competition.

3. Don’t use another person’s accomplishment as a bar to measure yours.

4. Marriage is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean it’s a curse to be single.

5. Putting yourself under undue pressure would make you take wrong decisions that you might probably regret later in life.

6. Marriage isn’t a guarantee for happiness. If you are waiting to get married before you find happiness then that’s a big risk to take as you might never really find happiness.

7. Accept that it might not really be easy when everyone is getting married except you, but never let it get the better of you. Be happy for your friends who are getting married and live your life to the fullest.

8. Keep bettering yourself.

9. Find happiness. Do what makes you happy.

10. Be natural and take your mind off it. Good things happen when you act this way.

11. Learn to love and appreciate yourself.

12. Know that there is no timeframe for a successful marriage.

13. Everyone has issues whether single or married. Try to solve your own issues.

14. Worrying never solves anything. Stop worrying.

Ladies put themselves under undue pressure when everyone is getting married besides them; but does this really pay off in the end?