Being a father is a different ball game, and if you don’t get mentally prepared for it, you could just get bamboozled in the journey of marriage and parenthood.

These are useful tips that’ll make you prepared for that next step from the day your wife tells you “I’m pregnant”.

1. She needs more attention from you. She’d just want to be the centre of attention from that point, and you should let her be.

2. She’d need your help more than before from doing the chores around the home to every other thing.

3. When the baby comes, be prepared to sleep less.

4. She and the baby will need a lot of your attention.

5. To be a good dad and husband at the same time, you must be more selfless and less selfish.

6. Be prepared to spend more money when the baby comes. Don’t get worried, start planning and preparing your mind before time.

7. Choose your words carefully when your wife reaches the latter stage of pregnancy. With all the hormonal changes she’s going through, she’d feel so much pressure and even stress from just little things. Choosing your words carefully will save you a lot of drama.

8. You’d be fine; you’ll get used to it.

9. You’d be surprised at how you’ll get used to baby poop, pee and puke in no time. It comes with the territory.

10. Having sex with your wife when she’s pregnant can do a world of good for her.

11. Don’t be surprised with her increased appetite and the usual phrase that accompanies it – “I’m eating for two”.

12. Then you’d see why fun time will drastically reduce.

13. But then, being a father is a beautiful thing and a gift.