young happy couple in bed

I’m pretty sure we all know what premarital s*x means, but for the benefit of doubt, it simply implies s*x before marriage. For a lot of people, it is a big deal to indulge that urge to do it, and for others, they’d rather not. Proponents of s*x before marriage have cited different reasons why it is necessary, and to them, those who don’t stand to miss out on the advantages that it carries, but then, they say whatever has an advantage has a disadvantage— s*x before marriage definitely has its own, and for me, they outweigh the advantages. So if you have to miss a few advantages to also escape suffering a lot more, what does it matter?

Let’s check out those multiple disadvantages that you also stand to miss for avoiding premarital s*x.


1. You miss contracting HIV. Most of the time, you don’t know the health status of your s*x partner. They may be carriers of the dreaded disease.

2. You miss unwanted pregnancy. Even condoms do not guarantee you safe s*x.

3. You miss being an unwanted teen mother or father. With unwanted pregnancy comes all these.

4. You miss being a school dropout. The unwanted pregnancy or disease you contract can cause this.

5. You miss having a broken home. Another disadvantage of s*x before marriage. You can get a baby out of it, and if you eventually get married to another man/woman in future, they may not love the child as their own, and that could lead to all sorts of problems for your marriage.

6. You miss stigma and rejection. Being a teen mom or dad comes with those.

7. You miss future health complications and problems as a result of today’s abortions.

8. You miss having destroyed your career prospects.

9. You miss heartbreak. Sometimes, people just want to be with you for sex, not because they like you, but you never know this until after you’ve had s*x with them.

10. You miss throwing away your happiness and peace of mind in the mud. This can happen when you sleep with someone you end up regretting afterwards.


As harmless as it may appear, premarital s*x can damage your life. Abstinence until marriage is always the best way to go.