happy couple

Men and women are wired differently, so to make sure you have a wonderful relationship with your partner, you need to learn to see things from her point of view too.

These relationship rules below would help every man out there become a better lover and have a wonderful relationship.

1. One rule every man should have in his relationship is the ‘never go to bed angry’ rule. This rule ensures you don’t carry the quarrel with your partner into a new day and you might just have a good time in bed with her too (guess you know what I mean).

2. Never look at another woman when with her. Never. And if you do (sometimes it’s just difficult not looking at a pretty lady), please make sure you use smart reasons to cover the act. Reasons like you thinking she’s looks like a classmate from high school isn’t cool. Always give a smart reason, lol.

3. Never keep a lady waiting. You should know this rule already. Well, sometimes the chase for money and other things mean we might be late sometimes for dates with her, always make sure you get her something nice on your way. A gift accompanied with a lovely compliment will ensure you don’t get the angry look and shouts from her. Smart thinking, right?

4. Whenever an argument is getting out of control, this tip is always helpful. Look into her eyes and give her a hot kiss. This would definitely calm her down.

5. Stop complaining your woman never wants to try something new in bed. Using this simple trick might help and it works most times. Get her a pretty and expensive lingerie, boost her ego by praising how good she rocks you in bed and how you can’t help but want more.

6. Sometimes women can be very annoying but that is no excuse for shouting at her or criticising every thing she does. If she does something you don’t like and you want to let her know about it, please don’t just start by criticising her. The rule to follow is to praise her first, then criticise her by telling her the things she did that you didn’t like and then compliment her after the criticism. You would have less issues if you follow this rule.

7. Never forget a woman’s birthday. Never. And just incase somehow you forgot, you have to be smart about it and manage the situation smartly. So lets say you suddenly remembered her birthday in the afternoon, please do not call her. Instead plan a surprise for her and make it look like you deliberately didn’t call because of the surprise. I know I got you smiling.

8. This is another rule that works too. Always apologise. Always. Sometimes I suggest you pick the phone and tell her you are sorry even though you can’t remember what  wrong you did. Doing this would definitely help you when you mess up big time. Trust me.

9. When she’s mad at you and tells you not to call, please don’t listen to her. If you listen to her and don’t call, she would take it to mean you don’t care about her and how she feels. Instead what I think you should do when she tells you not to call is to call her immediately and keep calling her until she picks, talks about it and forgives you.

10. Never tell her she looks fat. Never. Even if she is actually getting fatter, you should still avoid telling her she is getting fatter. This is what I think you should do. Let her know she’s the most beautiful woman in the world with an amazing body. Then tell her you would love to see how sweet that body would be if she drops some weight. Telling her out rightly that she’s fat would only worsen things.

11. The best way to get time for yourself to hang out with the guys if your lady is super clingy is to encourage her to hang out more with her friends. Tell her you don’t want to take the place of her friends in her life and make her plan a hangout with her friends. This way, you get to have unlimited time to hang out with your pals.