Wigs are an important accessory for every woman. They make it easy for a woman to step out looking fabulous and chic without the stress of making her hair from scratch.

The interesting thing about wigs though is that they need to be taken care of thoroughly if they’re to look great. Unless you show commitment to keeping them clean, they may turn to be an embarrassment. In case you’re not sure how to keep a wig clean, these tips will help you.

1. Keep them safe after every use. Instead of flinging them at random places, hang them on a wig hanger after use.

2. Brush your wigs regularly, even when on your head, and put a little drop of hair serum. Do this once a week so that your wigs can last longer, too much hair serum can spoil the hair.

3. It’s natural for your wig to get dirty after a while, so the healthy thing to do is to clean it. Get warm water, add shampoo, soak your wig in it, and bring it out. Do this at least 3 times, then apply conditioner to the wig, leave for 5 to 10 minutes, then dip in water to rinse.

4. After washing, add little treatment spray of your choice, then add little hair serum. Do not add weave-on oil as this might damage the hair.

5. Comb the hair gently, and then dry with medium heat.

6. It’s natural to sweat under your wig. It’s important to dry under the sun from time to time to avoid smelling and bacteria.

7. Do not colour your wig so much because this can make the hair shed a lot or lose its natural elasticity.

8. Put your wigs in an open place where air can get to it. Do not tie up your wig in a plastic bag.

9. Same way you can deep-condition natural hair, do it to your wig too. This would leave it moisturised and soft.

10. When straightening your hair, remember to apply little heat, as too much can damage your hair.