A lot can be deduced from the first date; the success of the first date can lead to so many other dates.

First impression truly matters, and when a guy takes you out on a first date, he expects you to do some certain things.

1. Every guy wants to have your full attention on a first date. Meaning, no chatting on the phone, no calls, no looking at what’s going on elsewhere, but being present in the moment.

2. Every guy expects you to look beautiful on that first date. Inasmuch as you should dress according to the occasion, he also wants to be wowed.

3. Every guy wants the lady to be part of the conversation on the first date. If he has to do all the talking, the date will definitely be boring, and there might not be another.

4. Every guy secretly wants to be appreciated for his efforts. He’d try to please you as much as possible, and it’ll mean a lot if his efforts are duly noticed and appreciated.

5. If you can bring on your smiling face, and laugh at his jokes, he’d definitely be a happy man.

6. Every guy wants a positive body language on that first date. He wants the lady to enjoy his company and enjoy being out on the date.

7. The date will definitely mean much to your man if your personality is endearing. Most men expect to see a positive minded woman with self-confidence, charm and charisma.

8. No man surely wants a first date that’s filled with drama. He doesn’t want an ex-boyfriend drama, family drama and any other sort of drama.

9. He expects the lady to be very lively and feel comfortable with him.

10. A little compliment will definitely make him feel wowed.


A first date with these attributes will definitely make every guy out there happy.