men lie cover

Some people are pathological liars and we all definitely have that one friend that will always tell a lie no matter what. But why do people lie?

Below are 10 reasons why people lie

1. People lie to save their face and avoid sharing embarrassing truths about themselves.

2. People lie simply so they will be able to avoid punishment.

3. People lie just so they will be able to get their way.

4. People lie so they can take what is not rightfully theirs.

5. People lie so they would escape accountability.

6. People who are very adamant tend to lie just so they can prove a point.

7. People lie just so they can get accepted by the society. Wanting to fit in makes people succumb to peer pressure and lie.

8. People lie just so they would avoid giving favours. Some people will resort to lying instead of being of use to someone.

9. People also lie to avoid hurting someone but lies tend to leak out and you still end up hurting the person.

10. People also lie so they can gain advantage to exploit others.

Do you lie?