lady with guy

As a lady, we have our dads and boyfriends who will always be there for us but I also think having a male best friend could also be fun and make life a bit easier.

Below are reasons why I think having a male best friend rocks

1. Compared to female best friend, male best friends rock because they are far more protective than female best friends.

2. A male best friend would always be there for you as a best friend should. Good times, bad times or great times, they will be there for you.

3. Male best friends bring less drama to the table compared to having a female best friend.

4. Males are good liars and if you have one as a best friend, they would lie so good to get you out of trouble. *laughs*

5. Guys love dirty jokes so you won’t be embarrassed cracking a dirty joke with your male best friend.

6. They would give you the best relationship tips on handling your man from a male perspective.

7. They would always be honest with you even if you won’t love it.

8. He won’t hold a grudge against you after an argument because he understands friends should argue.

9. Your brother would enjoy his company better than your boyfriend because your brother knows he isn’t f**king you and he won’t break your heart.

10. It’s much easier to loosen up with him over a drink.

So who wants to join the club of having guy as a best friend?