long working hours

You could be jeopardizing your health if you work long hours because working 55 hours or more per week could lead to stroke.

According to a research published in The Lancet, people who work long hours have 33% greater risk of having stroke.

The researchers from University College London (UCL) in the UK analysed data from 25 studies involving more than 600,000 men and women from Europe, Australia and US.

The researchers also found that people working 55 hours or more weekly were at 13% higher risk for developing coronary heart disease even after the researchers took other risk factors into consideration such as age, sex and socioeconomic status.

The researchers also found something very interesting. The risk of stroke rose as the amount of hours worked rose. People who worked 41-48 hours weekly had a 10% higher risk of stroke, while it was 27% for those who worked between 49-54 hours weekly.

So you should be aware that long working hours is associated with a significant increased risk of stroke and coronary heart disease.

So how many hours do you work weekly?