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The size of a man’s p*nis has always been an issue and it’s an issue till date. What’s the perfect size a woman really desires? Seems whether a man has a small or big p*nis, he would definitely have issues with his wife.

According to a 2014 study published in the journal PLOS One, being well-endowed means your wife is more likely to cheat on you.

The researchers from the US and Kenya found that men who had been cheated on were better-endowed than those whose wives did not have affairs.

The researchers looked at extra-marital affairs of women married to fishermen living along Lake Victoria in Kisumu County, Kenya.

The report’s authors wrote: “Surprisingly, spouse longer fully erect p*nis was associated with increased likelihood of the women having extra-marital partnerships.

“From these results, every one inch longer p*nis increased the likelihood of women being involved in extra-marital partnership by almost one-and-half times.

“Similarly, our qualitative data also support this finding. Women associated large p*nises with pain and discomfort during sex which precludes the enjoyment and sexual satisfaction that women are supposed to feel.”

The better-endowed husbands had fully erect p*nises of around six inches, while those whose wives were faithful had erect p*nises of around five inches.

Research shows that the longer the penis, the more sexual discomfort women suffered during sex. Some women interviewed said that painful sex had led them to seek sex elsewhere so they could enjoy it.

Concluding, the authors say men need to understand that a larger p*nis does not necessarily make them better lovers.

The debate for the perfect size continues.