Cheating in a relationship context has been defined as sharing with someone else, what you promised to share with your partner. It exists in many relationships, especially in ones that have intimacy or have a promise of such in future. Cheating exists in marriages, as it does in dating situations, and it is a problem that affects both the male and female genders.

So many reasons have been given for cheating; from emotional void to upbringing, to ego, and temptation etc. But the ugly truth is that only one thing is culpable, and that is immaturity.

The decision to go into a relationship or marriage is one that a lot of people make without considering whether or not they’re actually ready for that. They often do so either because their friends are doing the same or they just want to an easy way of satisfying their sexual urges. But when you go into a battle unprepared and determined to succeed, you’re very likely to fail and fall to attacks.

A relationship or marriage is like a battle ground. You have to go in prepared and determined to succeed, and that is the only mindset that would see you stay in it for long enough. I have likened them to a battle ground because you will see all manner of distractions, which could come in the form of another attractive man or woman, or a seemingly unbearable character trait in your partner. But because you went into it determined to succeed, and with the knowledge of the fact that there’ll truly be distractions, you would be able to navigate those challenges safely.

It takes having the conviction that you have everything you need in your partner, and they’ll never be perfect to stick with them through it all, and that is what in a relationship maturity truly is. A lot of us lack it, and that is why we cheat on our partners. It’s not because your partner hasn’t been there for you or they don’t give you all you need because if that was the case, you probably would have quit the relationship entirely. You cheated because you lost yourself for a split second, and got carried away by lust, and because your partner isn’t there at that moment, and you think there’s no way they’d find out.

There are actually people who never cheat. So why do you think they can do it? What do you think is the difference between them and cheaters? It’s just in the fact that they made a choice and stuck by it. Nothing else! If you find my analogy complex, consider this– if you have a business agreement with someone, and they fail to keep up their end, what would you hold responsible for such behaviour? Plain immaturity! Anyone could call it whatever they like, but that’s what it really is.

It takes maturity to keep to promises and bargains, so whoever defaults is just plain immature.

Relationships aren’t that hard, and faithfulness isn’t either. A lot of us just choose to be the people we become.