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To be a single mom is definitely not easy, so big appreciation should be given to every single mom out there. The worst part of being a single mom is when the dad abandons the children with their mom and never even shows care. Death of a man is a natural case of which no one can do anything about it but when it’s the case of abandonment then being a single mom could be such a hard task.

A single mom isn’t just a mom; she’s a mom and a dad. A single mom acts as both a mom and a dad to give the children that balance in home training. This minute she could be the loving mom and the next minute she’s the angry dad; this minute she’s playing with the kids and the next minute she’s barking out instructions.

A single mom is a tireless worker. Kids at a young age need a whole lot of watching and attention. She assists them in their homework, she prepares the meals, does the laundry, cleans the house of which the playful kids must have scattered everywhere, goes to the market, takes the kids to school, the list goes on and on. She works so hard that there is even little time for herself.

A single mom isn’t selfish. A single mom dedicates all her time to her children leaving just a little for herself; everything she does is for the benefit of her kids; she’s only interested in what’s best for them. If you need the perfect definition of an unselfish woman, just go and check the lifestyle of a single mom. She has every right to want to live her life but no, she would fight for custody to keep the kids and do everything possible to take care of them as well. She’s really one to be admired.

A single mom is a thinker and that’s one thing about single moms. She spends all her time thinking of the best decisions to take for her kids. When any of her kids fall ill, she does all the thinking as well as worrying on the best action to take. She thinks about everything that pertains to her children and every decision she takes is for them. When you notice a single mom thinking, let her be because there is a lot in her mind.

A single mom is a natural fighter. If you think otherwise, touch any of her kids and you would understand better. She’s ready to go the extra mile to keep them happy and more importantly safe; you dare not test her fury, she could be an angry tiger just for the sake of her kids.

Hard work, wit, courage, diligence, wisdom, confidence and determination are also other standout characteristics of a single mom. A single mom defies so many odds and so she should be appreciated.

A single mom is more than a woman, I call her a soldier.


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