Marriage is a beautiful thing, surely. But it appears that what we thought was the core reason a lot of people (men and women) get married, may not really be.

A twitter user recently conducted a poll on the possible reasons people get married, and I have to say the outcome was quite interesting.

Obviously, a lot of us did or want to do it because of love, but that is only according to a certain percentage of the respondents in the poll. In fact, there were 7 different results from the poll. Shocking right? Especially since we all thought love and the need to be with the one you love forever was the primary reason.

According to the poll, only 88% of participants get married for love, another 81% said they do it because they want to make a lifelong commitment, and only 76% chose companionship as their reason. I find that a little weird though, because I always thought companionship and love were the ultimate.

In other results of the poll, 49% said they do it to have children, 30% do it because of religious reasons, 28% for financial stability, and 23% do it for legal rights and benefits.

I also took out time to do some research of my own on the subject, and interestingly, I got some extra reasons. A few people say they get married to fit in. These are the ones who come from societies where being married is a big deal. In these societies, when you’re unmarried at a certain age, a lot of pressure sets in from parents and other family members, as well as friends.

The other group of people from my poll suggested the need for quick sex as their reason. When you have a partner you can call your own, it’s different from having a boyfriend or girlfriend who can choose to not be available at given times.

I think all of those reasons are valid, but I personally consider love and companionship as the ultimate. If I love you, I definitely want to spend the rest of my life with you, and to do that, we have to make it legal (get married). That is what I think, but then, we all differ in our needs and choices, so I know yours might be different from mine.

Please, tell us why you would consider marriage. Do you agree to the aforementioned reasons from the poll?