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Welcome everyone to this Sunday’s edition of Elcrema Sunday Love Special, where vital relationship issues are discussed; hope you had an awesome week?

Today’s topic for discussion is: what would you call a successful relationship? When should a relationship be described as successful?

Have you ever had a successful relationship? If yes, how does it feel to be in one?

Don’t fail to join in the discussion, but first Shawn and Drama would tell us what a successful relationship means to them.


Basically, a relationship is when two people fall in love and decide to come together, love and care for each other and share in each other’s life; in simpler term, they become responsible to each other. But this doesn’t really define if a relationship is/was successful.

Many people have entered into relationships that they later regretted; a lot have been in relationships that they aren’t proud of; many are in relationships where they are so unhappy — all these are examples of relationship, but none comes close to a successful relationship.

First, a successful relationship needs love; love should be the first determinant for a relationship to be successful — if it doesn’t exist then the relationship is as good as dead. If a couple have that love and desire to be with each other and that passion to make things work with each other, then they are on the right track to what should be called a successful relationship.

A relationship is as well successful when it isn’t one-sided; one huge problem that makes relationship fail is the fact that it becomes one-sided at  a point; if one partner is all loving, and the other is nonchalant then there is no way the relationship can be successful. Like I mentioned earlier, there have to be a desire from both partners.

More importantly, a relationship should only be called successful when both partners are happy and find happiness in each other. No matter what a relationship has, if happiness isn’t there then it isn’t successful. The pursuit of happiness is one striking reason we fall in love.

Longevity is as well important; a successful relationship should stand the test of time, while also including the aforementioned. Longevity with quarrels and fights, misunderstanding and abuse cannot be called successful. But when there you have happiness in longevity then you have a successful relationship.

That’s my take on what a successful relationship stands for.

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