Race, tribe, religion, environment while growing up, beliefs, cultural and personal values, education, social status and a whole lot of others go on to define most parts of who we truly are — and having a relationship with someone with a different background could be quite a daunting task, but it isn’t one that’s unachievable.

There are many key factors that can make you enjoy rather than endure your relationship with your partner from a different background than yours. I have four practical ways that would make this achievable.

Firstly, there has to be strong and genuine love and desire for each other. This is a prerequisite if that relationship would be successful. Love and desire would create a foundation that would make that relationship blossom. If the love isn’t genuine then the relationship would falter in the long run when the pressures start to step in.

Secondly, couples in this situation have to build understanding and tolerance for each other’s excesses. They should try to be more understanding, more caring and more tolerant of each other. When this is present, living with that person becomes easier and much lovelier.

Thirdly, both partners have to enjoy each other’s values. See the good side of your partner’s values and beliefs, and you would be more understanding and tolerant of your partner. If couples enjoy each other’s values then conflicts would be almost terminated in that relationship.

Finally and also importantly, do not yield to family pressure. More often than not, most families aren’t supportive of such relationships or marriage, and this is usually a catalyst for a failing relationship. The ability of both partners not to give in to family pressure would go a long way in determining how successful that relationship would be.

With these four tips, partners with different backgrounds would have a successful relationship.


That’s our take on today’s edition of El Crema Sunday Love Special. Hope you found it valuable?