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We have seen people struggle in relationships and marriage because they have different backgrounds. Every human is a product of his collective environment and this goes on to define most of what we really are. So a person’s background i.e. educational background, family background, social background, religious background and the rest of it defines a huge amount of who you are. This is why conflicting backgrounds in relationships and marriages doesn’t always pan out well.

Today’s topic on our Sunday Love Special aims at revealing certain measures that would effectively lead to a harmonious relationship even between couples with extremely different backgrounds.

Drama and Shawn would share their opinions on this subject


It’s not unusual for people from different backgrounds to come together in a relationship. It happens all the time, and it’s the same thing that always brings them together — love. We don’t always get to choose who we are attracted to, It happens when and how it will, irrespective of race, beliefs, ideologies or tribe. I have seen Muslims marry Christians, and broke families forge a bond with the wealthy ones, so it happens.

However, I think that for such relationships to stand the test of time, there must be a willingness from the committing parties to understand and compromise where necessary, because due to these difference(s) in background, there may be friction without them. The couple need to understand that they’ve both been brought up differently, so beliefs and ideologies may differ; acknowledging that and realizing that it doesn’t affect the way their partner feels about them is key to being together successfully. Your partner may have been brought up as a Muslim, and you, a Christian, but as long as you both love each other, it shouldn’t matter. Putting the other’s happiness before anything else is what should. You must see things from their own perspective as well. Do not try to change anything about them that clearly doesn’t threaten your relationship. And even if something does threaten your relationship, you cannot rush them. Do it slowly because what you’re trying to introduce to them is new. So understanding and compromise is very important to preserving any relationship, not just when it involves people from different backgrounds.

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