12 Jobs That Pay Up to $50,000 without a Degree

You will hear so many people say that their degree was expensive but the jobs out there don’t pay enough, especially in their field. Well, we all want to earn those nice 6 figures! But it turns out that most of us are barely making $40,000 per year. Some are doing two jobs to make this much regardless of their degree. Then, a significant portion of their income is eaten away by those monthly student loan payments.

On the flip side, there’s a population without a degree thinking they can’t earn over $50,000. They would either be stuck in retail or flipping burgers. Unfortunately, our parents have always told us we need a good degree to get a 401K. Things have changed!

Over the last few decades, the job market’s fate has been flipped. Ask the recruiters who work for finance staffing agencies. It’s your skills and experience that matter, not your university, degree, or GPA. Here are 12 jobs that pay over $25 per hour leading to over $50,000 annually that too without a degree!

1: Janitorial Manager

With this job, you can make up to $93,500 per year. Curious as to why it pays so much? Janitorial work involves a lot of labor hours. The managers have to supervise the labor and they are responsible for tasks associated with building and ground maintenance.

This position requires a high school diploma or 6 years of experience in the field. Other tasks that a janitorial manager handles include lawn care, cleaning floors and fixtures, maintaining sidewalks, parking lots, and taking care of shrubs and flowers.

2: Shop Service Manager

A shop service manager is responsible for supervising technicians and mechanics of trucks, automobiles, and heavy equipment. They assign work orders and act as points of contact between the customer and the technician.

For this job, you will need a high school diploma and 6 years of experience. You will successfully make $93,400 per year.

3: Hotel Manager

Hotel managers are responsible for the daily operations of the hotel to ensure its cleanliness, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Other tasks they are responsible for include promoting a positive environment, monitoring the cash flow, maintaining financial records, supervising work at the front desk, housekeeping, concierge, etc.

To work as a hotel manager, you will need a high school diploma and at least 4 years of experience. A hotel manager can make up to $57,900 per year.

4: Esthetician/Skincare Specialist

Estheticians or skincare specialists are the people who take care of our grooming. They cleanse, exfoliate, wax, and moisturize our skin and apply makeup.

The specialist first assesses the skin of the client and recommends treatment to improve the quality. Applying makeup is another task included in the job description of a skincare specialist. Some estheticians also perform facials and massages. The median salary of an Esthetician is $31,290 per year.

5: Computer Security Analyst

Also known as an Information Security Analyst, a Computer Security Analyst protects the computer networks and systems of an organization.

Some employers want their analysts to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in CS but a majority of the organizations emphasize skills in programming and IT security. Computer security analysts earn $98,350 on average. You may have to do a diploma to get this job but it’s worth it.

6: Tool and Die Makers

They are like machinists who set up machine-controlled tools for producing tools and enhancing the manufacturing process. Tool and die makers usually learn through apprenticeship programs and on-job training. You will have to operate computer-controlled machinery for which an IT diploma may be required.

Tool and die makers are known as the high paying employers in the manufacturing positions. They can earn up to $44,950 per year.

7: Fire-Fighting Supervisors

Firefighter heroes need a team of supervisors to manage and direct their efforts. They are called firefighting supervisors who are responsible for the safety of the community. With the right training and experience, you can earn up to $76,330 median income per year.

Up to 5 years of experience is necessary along with training. You will also need on-job training to get hired for this role.

8: Fire Inspectors

Fire inspectors are like crime scene directives – the only difference is they detect the cause of the fire. They determine what caused the fire and who was responsible for it. They earn up to $60,200 annually. This role does not require a degree but a certificate and experience are mandatory.

To become a fire inspector, you will need experience and complete on-job training. Some specific position requires a degree but most don’t.

9: Transportation Manager

A transportation manager can make up to $89,190 annually. The role requires you to manage things moving in the energy, trucking, shipping, rail, and aerospace industries. To qualify, you must have a high school diploma.

Transportation managers are also responsible for managing budgets, organizing routes, ensuring the vehicles meet the legal requirements and the drivers are aware of their duties.

10: Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

If you have an interest in healthcare and medicine but don’t want to get a degree, a diagnostic medical sonographer may be a job you would like. The technician is responsible for using special equipment for producing images for the doctor. They also conduct tests for patients.

A high school diploma and on-job training are mandatory. You can make up to $64,280 per year with this role.

11: Dental Hygienist

These hygienists clean the patient’s teeth, examine the mouth for oral diseases, and provide preventative dental care. A hygienist is the first person the patient sees when they visit the dentist.

You don’t need a 4-year college degree to become a dental hygienist. However, some clinics require an associate degree in dental hygiene or at least a certification. As per the nature of this job, you will need strong communication skills, pay attention to detail, and be caring towards your patients (some might have dental work fear). A dental hygienist can make up to $74,820 per year.

12: Web Developer

As a web developer, you design, develop and maintain a website. You can either be a self-employed web developer or work for a company. And it’s a great career for those who have technical and creative abilities. You don’t need a degree to become a web developer but you must be familiar with certain programming languages and graphic design trends.

Certification and hands-on training can make you a proficient web developer. Of course, with experience and the hunger to learn, you will keep yourself acquainted with the latest updates in the web industry. The median annual salary of a web developer is up to $69,430.

Final Words

Just take a look at Bill Gates and other successful entrepreneurs. Most of them were college dropouts. You need skills, a will to learn and become a better version of yourself, a certification (maybe) to earn up to $50,000. A degree is no longer a mandatory requirement. It’s certainly not the golden ticket to land on a job.

Scoring a managerial post would take some time, however. You may have to contact various MFG staffing companies to help with job search but you will get there eventually.