What Are The Best Watches With Tritium Technology? Are They Worth Investing In?

Who didn’t love their glow-in-the-dark watches and sneakers? Some people grew up to understand the struggle of being constantly in a dark place -literally- and you can’t tell time because you can’t see your watch. If your job or your lifestyle pushes you into these types of situation all the time, then it’s time to get introduced to the revolutionary tritium technology.

While some old methods mainly depended on lume or luminescent paint that needed to be recharged by absorbing light from other sources, this new technology provided the possibility of glowing not only for hours, but for years without needing to recharge. The tritium technology is simply using tritium gas in glass tubes, this technology was first used by a Swiss company who used these glow tubes in their watches as well as providing the tubes for other companies.

Tritium is one of the rarest naturally occurring elements on earth; it’s a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. Tritium is used in nuclear fusion reactors, different energy generation methods, and even nuclear weapons. It does sound like a very volatile element, but in reality, it’s not even harmful one little bit when it’s used in providing self-powered light. The reason it replaced luminescent paint was because it’s much safer. The radiation emitted from tritium isn’t really strong enough to penetrate skin, it’s also encapsulated in a fail-safe compartment in watches. Known for their practicality, many tritium watches are actually of military design, grade, and purpose.

There are two types of tritium concentrations in watches, T25 and T100. These numbers refer to the concentration in millicuries, naturally, 100 has a brighter glow than the 25 concentrations. We’ll be giving you a list of what we believe to be the best Tritium watches and why they’re worth investing in.

Luminox Navy Seal Colormark 3050

Luminox is known for their superb military watches, it’s their specialty. It uses a quartz crystal to make a very punctual and accurate time down to very few milliseconds. The battery alone can last at least 4 years before it dies out on you. This watch can take a serious beating and still be punctual and unscathed, it’s shock-resistant and can resist water pressure up to 200 meters, making it almost practical for all outdoor activities. The case itself is plastic reinforced with carbon that allows it to be durable in almost any activity and can withstand most accidents, the face of the watch is hardened mineral crystal that is extremely strong and also very reflective of the emitted tritium light. This post can show how it fares against other watches and why it’s a good all-around investment. Expect a 2-year warranty contract with the watch against any defects, be aware that the warranty doesn’t extend to any damages of the crystal, stem, or crown. If this watch lacks something, it’s a stopwatch feature, but it’s easy to let go of this feature if it’s not essential thanks to the many other useful features. This watch is used by Navy SEALS and air force pilots due to their reliability and visibility.

Traser Tritium 6600 Type 6 MIL-G

Traser is a Swiss company known for their professional and military-used watches. Soldiers, emergency operators, and even hardcore athletes. The face of the watch is illuminated using a technology made to at least last 10 years of constant illumination called trigalight. The lighting system doesn’t draw any power from the battery and doesn’t need solar charging to operate. You’ll be able to read the time very easily, whether you’re looking at the watch in extremely sunny, dim, or pitch-black environments. Traser 6600 uses caliber 517.6 D quartz movement. A black carbon fiber and resin case makes it one of the most durable cases in the market, with 45mm and 13mm in diameter and thickness respectively. Similar mineral crystal to the one used in the Colormark 3050; water depth resistance also reaches 201 meters. A nylon strap with a stainless-steel buckle makes it very hard to tear or crack, it also syncs well with the black steel bezels.

Deep Blue Daynight Scuba

When it comes to professional dive watches, it’s hard to find many watches that beat the Daynight Scuba. They have a long history of making dive watches in Hongkong, in addition to Swiss-made watches today. It’s definitely encouraging watching their brand grow over the years with such high stability. The greatest feature that puts this apart from other watches is the great depth it can withstand, which reaches 300m. The strength of illumination is one of the most impressive, a T100 grade lume. Its face is of sapphire crystal, one of the most respectable crystals on the watch market. The case has a 120-click mechanism which puts in an elite league. The colors of the surface and its dark view waveform patterns are a great addition to its boutique-look. Can easily be considered a professional diver’s first choice, comes in at a bit of a high price though.

Ball Fireman Storm Chaser

The coolest name on the list, and also the most expensive one. If your budget is a bit deep, this should be at the top of your considerations. Storm Chaser is a pretty sleek tritium watch with a modern chronograph. What makes this a very unique watch is the amount of a beating it can take; it simply never gives up with a 5,000 G shock resistance thanks to its Automatic Caliber RR1402. If you’re looking for an all-around tritium watch with no restrictions on budget, you’d find the Storm Chaser a perfect match.

Tritium technology has proved itself in the self-power lighting area relatively quick due to its practicality and cost-effectiveness. All the watches on this list are great candidates for the perfect watch for you, no punches pulled. It is, of course, up to you to select the watch with the right assortment of features that suit your taste and needs. Expect no regrets for choosing tritium watches over any other watches, as long as you’re looking for practicality and robust designs.