fashionable man in watch

If your partner is always late for outings, consider buying your partner a wristwatch because research has shown that watch-wearers are more reliable and more punctual than those with bare wrists.

The researchers from Lincoln and York University came up with this theory after they quizzed hundreds of Britons about their personality and their watch-wearing habits.

According to the study, 50 per cent or so who said they regularly wore a watch described themselves as being more organised, careful, dependable and self-disciplined than the others.

During the study, 90 men and women were asked to arrive at the psychology department at a set time and they all didn’t know their punctuality was being monitored. The watch-wearers arrived just over three minutes earlier, on average even though they all knew the way.

“This might not sound like much but it could make the difference between making a positive or negative first impression at a job interview or missing an important event like a train,” said Lincoln University researcher David Ellis according to a report in Daily Mail.

Even though almost all of the persons studied had a mobile phone, which would allow them to tell the time, yet half still wore a watch and it was these people who were more conscientious.

The study, published in the journal PeerJ, also suggests that there is something special about using a watch to keep track of time.