Now you spent all the bucks getting those designer jeans, you just can’t keep it from fading. I understand the frustration; it’s so annoying seeing your favourite jeans fade.  Some treat their designer denim as investment and they really need to be well taken care of. Got some tips to help keep your favourite jeans from fading.

1. Say no to dryers

I know how important a dryer is today. It helps us keep get those clothes dried quickly. This news would definitely break your heart but those Jeans need to be Air dried. Two days drying them? Kinda disappointing but your jeans hates heat so they need to be Air dried. Always hang your jeans by the belt loops to help your jeans keep its shape.  Guess you want those jeans looking stretched?

2. Limit the wash

Washing your jeans regularly makes it fade quickly. So your jeans would prefer you air them out often in fresh air. You can easily get 4-5 uses out of them if you air them regularly.

3. Cold water wash

Avoid hot water when washing your denim as it fades your jeans quickly. Cold water wash is always the best option for your denim.

4. Inside out wash

Whenever your jeans hit the water, do them inside out. It also helps keep them from fading.

5. Damp ironing

You finally washed your jeans and aired them, well you learning fast. Another trick you should learn is to iron them while they are a little damp. It helps keep your jeans crisp and fresh. It also helps your jeans from stretching out (something you won’t want for those lovely jeans).

6. Hand wash

I know you spent some dough getting your washing machine and you would love to use it but hand washing your jeans is the most preferred option. It prevents all the stress and damage that machine wash can cause.

So I guess I got you all smiling. Good luck keeping those jeans from fading.