Seeing a man go down on his knee and asking a woman to marry him is always a beautiful sight to behold but would you want your friend to propose to his girlfriend during your wedding?

We all know the unwritten rule you have to know when attending a wedding which is never upstage the bride. That means no attention grabbing antics.

Well this wedding guest broke the golden rule when he proposed to his girlfriend right in front of a bride and her new husband and this has got everyone talking.

The picture was posted on REDDIT with the caption ‘Any girl’s wedding nightmare’ and it has gotten millions of views already.

From the picture, we can see the bride smiling as the man proposes to his girlfriend but we really don’t know if she gave her consent for the proposal to hold.

As expected, the photo has been getting lots of comments with people horrified at the man’s audacity and below are some of the best comments:

‘Her smiles say “congratulations”, her eyes say “that b**ch”.’

‘I feel like in some cases the people that would do something like this literally cannot deal with not being the centre of attraction.’

While we still don’t know if the bride really gave her consent (and we all would love to know), never forget the golden rule before when attending a wedding: DO NOT UPSTAGE THE BRIDE.

Lets zoom the photo and take a closer look at the bride, do you really think she was happy?