mean woman

No one wants to be friends with that mean guy around the corner. Being mean is a trait we mostly loathe but surprisingly, people we see as mean are normally successful in life. What could be the reason?

A new study by Michael Onley of the University of Western Ontario and his colleagues which was also published in Psychology Today seems to have given us the answers we really need.

People who are said to be mean are tough mentally and are said to exhibit the “Dark Triad”, a personality constellation comprised by the traits of narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism.

People who are mean are known to have mental toughness. When we talk about mental toughness, we mean dedication, motivation, focus, resilience and an appetite for a challenge.

The Dark Triad traits and mental toughness which mean people possess have advantages in the workplace including achieving goals and finding personal success in competition. Narcissistic traits like goal-striving, charisma and high aspirations are some of the traits you find in mean people which helps them become successful.

These traits also help mean people in securing senior positions. Also, in studies of sales-based organizations, individuals showing high levels of Machiavellianism tended to be most successful in such unstructured work environments which allowed them the freedom to manipulate others at will.

The researchers observed that mean people possess the cool, calm and confidence to excel in high-demand work settings.

So could this be the real reason your mean friend is very successful?