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We are desire to be happy and that’s why the pursuit of happiness never ends but what do we really need to be happy?

According to a report released by Australian Unity in conjunction with Melbourne’s Deakin University, people need three core elements dubbed the ‘golden triangle of happiness’ if they desire to be happy.

According to the study, the key to happiness is simple as having good relationships, financial security and a sense of purpose and these elements are insufficient in isolation. To find happiness, people should balance all three in their everyday lives.

The report highlighted that good relationships mustn’t be romantic but instead relationships that are reliable and allowed you to share your fears and successes.

The report also said there is a direct link between increased income and happiness.

Having a sense of purpose in life, be it a job, volunteer work or hobby, impacts wellbeing by providing meaning to life.

‘For some this may be their job but the job has to provide more than just financial security,’ the report said.

‘For others it may be a social activity such as being in the local tennis club or Rotary.’

Professor Robert Cummins of the Deakin University told the Huffington Post: ‘people on low incomes can have normal levels of happiness provided that their relationships and purpose in life are strongly positive.’



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